Consulting Services    

Making your IT work for you

Morgan Bunday Consulting offers:

  • Initial Consultation - preliminary one/two hour meeting to determine potential areas for IT improvements (normally offered free of charge)
  • Applications Health Check - more in-depth (half to one day) investigation into current systems, processes and data to identify key areas for attention in supporting the main business process
  • IT Strategy Review - consideration of the ways in which IT is supporting and could be extended to support and drive the Business Strategy
  • IT Exploitation - specific targetted tasks to help individuals and groups of individuals to make better use of the data and applications that they have available to them
  • Systems and Project Audits - reviews of specific systems and projects to assess how well they are achieving their objectives

The best use of IT turns data into information and information into knowledge.

IT can direct sales effort, improve the supply chain, reduce costly stockholding, make purchasing more intelligent, and save time to be used more profitably.